Chinese (sort of) to English conversion
(1)  song ee how          means  #1
(2)  sun ee how           means  good business
(3)  do way la            means  you are right
(4)  jats wa la           means  take break (eat snake)
(5)  nee how ma           means  how are you?
(6)  wa hun how, she she  means  very good, thank you
(7)  may yo wooan tee     means  no problem
(8)  ma ma hoo hoo        means  so so
(9)  hi ka'e la           means  so so 
(10)  wa boo ja dow        means  I dont know (boo = no)
(11) wa boo eeow suga     means  I dont want this(sug = this)
(12) wa eeow nuga         means  I want that (nug = that)
(13) boo yeeow           means  I dont want
(14) how la how la       means  come on, lets go (ok ok come on)
(15) do way boochee       means  I'm sorry
(16) boo shee            means  your welcome
(17) she she nee         means  thank you
(18) nee tsow            means good morning
(19) doowa sow chan      means how much  (chan = money, doowa sow = how much)
(20) nawlee nawlee       means don't mention it(ex. "thanks alot" "nawlee nawlee")
(21) diao yu             means hook fish (fishing)
(22) diao ma zha         means hook girl
(23) hu sway             means drink water    (sway = water)
(24) mong boo mong       means are you busy?
(25) boo mong            means not busy
(26) wa hunh mong        means I'm real busy
(27) nee hunh may            means you're real pretty
(28) how gee la          means very very good